Pickleball Leagues

Fort Worth Social Pickleball Leagues

Pickleball is back for the Fall! Play Begins the week of 9/17. 

Registration is open!

Email pickleball@fortworthtennis.com to create a team.


Leagues Offered:

  • Women’s Doubles: Wednesday Mornings
  • Mixed Doubles: Sunday Evenings

Format: Weekly Round Robin matches with three lines of doubles played

Registration Process: FOR CAPTAINS

  • Captains must email pickleball@fortworthtennis.com to create a team
  • Added teams will be live on our league management website, TopDog
  • Captains will receive instructions on how to use TopDog and add players
  • Captains will contact players with registration instructions
  • Players will create accounts through TopDog and register for teams
  • Captains are responsible for ensuring their teams have registration instructions
  • Player add deadline will be two (2) days prior to fifth scheduled match

Registration Process: FOR INDIVIDUALS (without teams)

  • Individuals/free agents must contact League Coordinators prior to registration
  • League Coordinators will provide information on team availability and registration process through TopDog
  • Individuals CANNOT freely sign up for existing teams without permission form League Coordinator
  • Individuals are not required to sign up with a partner
  • Click this link to register

League Coordinator: please contact for league specific information and if registering as an individual/free agent

Ginger Baden: Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles


  • Team Registration deadline: 9/8
  • Player add deadline will be two (2) days prior to the fifth scheduled match
  • Addition of players to roster must not cause a team to exceed the published maximum of players allowed

Team Requirements:

  • 16 players maximum, 8 players minimum per team in Women’s and Men’s leagues
  • 24 players maximum, 8 players minimum per team in Mixed Double league
  • Captains may choose a team name

Location Requirements:

  • Each captain/team is responsible for securing a “home court” location in Fort Worth
  • All play is outdoors unless both captains agree to play indoors
  • A tennis court surface is mandatory for both indoor and outdoor play
  • 3 lined or dedicated Pickleball courts are required
  • A list of acceptable locations will be provided by League Coordinators

Fees: $30 per player to register


  • Coordinators will divid teams into flights based on player levels (or based on level of majority of players on each team)
  • Beginner/intermediate and advanced flights offered (A, B) – DEPENDING ON NUMBER OF TEAMS REGISTERED
  • If the required number of teams per flight is not met, levels will be combined
  • Returning teams ending previous season in first place will move one flight level up
  • Returning teams ending previous season in last place will move one flight down
  • Above two rules only apply with returning teams that have at least 50% of the same players on roster

Rules: please contact the League Coordinator for a copy of the league rules


*The spirit of this league is social – let’s keep it fun and dink together! 



The Fort Worth Tennis Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed under the law.